A brief history of Padstow United

The Padstow United Sports Club was formed some 59 years ago as a break away from the then Padstow Pirates.

The club’s home is Playford Park and in those early days the facilities were a little primitive. Many a story is told of the Canteen being run out of a tent and little hands trying to access drinks from under the tent flaps. Playford, in those days was a “gravel pit” with a lot of skin left on the barren surface.

The club has always been a family orientated one which encourages participation of all. The club steadily grew to the extent that several years ago an extension was planned and completed in 2000. We now have a large and roomy clubhouse with a modern kitchen, something we are all proud of.

On the field the club is a force in the Bankstown District Amateur Football Association and has in the past had many successful seasons.


Our mission

The Mission of the Padstow United Sports Club Inc is to encourage the participation and playing of sport by boys, girls, men and women.

Soccer is the club's main sport at the moment.